Dundee Sports Medicine Clinic
Soft tissue therapy

A fair number of soft tissue injuries that remain chronic can respond to soft tissue injections.  Therapeutic materials used for injection include:

  • steroids
  • local anaesthetics
  • saline
  • hyrulonic acid


There are always risks involved with any form of treatment.  The more common side-effects after an injection include bruising and tenderness for a few days.  After a steroid injection, some patients complain of a mild increase in their symptoms for 24 - 48hrs followed by a gradual improvement.  The benefits can continue to develop over 6 weeks post injection.  There is a rare risk of infection after any kind if injection ( eg: blood sample being taken by your Practice Nurse ).  We pay close attention to any increase in pain after an injection as well as swelling or redness.  Immediate contact with the clinic or your GP ( or Out-of-Hours service ) is advised if this occurs.


Tennis elbow injectionTennis elbow injection




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