Dundee Sports Medicine Clinic

Ultrasound is a form of diagnostic imaging, used traditionally in hospital settings.  This clinic has access to ultrasonography for several reasons:

  1. Soft tissue injury
  2. Soft tissue injection
  3. Joint injection


Soft tissue injuries such as muscles tears and tendon swelling ( tendonopathy ) can be relatively easily seen on ultrasound scanning.  The presence of abnormalities such as joint swellings or subcutaneous lumps can also be seen on scanning.  Any scan performed that indicates a different diagnosis, the clinic will ensure a Radiologist is contacted to arrange a repeat ultrasound scan. 


Soft tissue injections with local anaesthetics and steroids have been used for many decades in medicine.  The current research indicates that even in the most experienced hands, some of the injections do not get the area that they were intended to treat.  By using ultrasound, the area being injected can be visualised and the injection can be injected in direct vision.  Not all injections can be done this way due to anatomy, but the majority of soft tissue injections will be done under ultrasound guidance.


Injection of products such as steroids and hyrulonic acid (eg: Ostenil ) into joints is also known to benefit certain types of patients.  Ultrasound guidance can help with the placement of these injections.




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