Dundee Sports Medicine Clinic
Exercise Referral






It is well documented in research litterature that exercise has a role to  play in illness prevention as well as illness treatment.  Large population studies have over the years provided Sports and Exercise Doctors the evidence base for the use of exercise in disease management and prevention.



Exercise Referral is the process where a patient is advised to take exercise by a healthcare professional under the supervision of a suitably qulaified exercise professional ( or gym instrucutor ).  The Fitness Industry Association in conjunction with Skills Active govern the qualification standard for these exercise professionals to help in the process of advising exercise for patients.


Your GP can refer you, in Dundee, to the Active for Life scheme, where assessment of exercise ability is performed and an individual programme devised.  Dr Niall Elliott has numerous years of experience in Exercise Referral.  The Dundee Sports Medicine Clinic can provide taylor-made exercise programmes for you, subject to your medical health.  There can be risks involved with undertaking exercise if you have a medical condition and the advice will take this into account.  You may require further tests before a programme is devised.


If you want advice on exercise and how it fits in with your medical history, please contact us to arrange a review.


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